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Hello, I'm new.
My name is Wade, I'm an art student at Bloomingdale HS, (valrico, fl.)
I was wondering about acrylic paint, I have used tempera alot in class and I wanted to paint more on my own so I bought some paint at Wal Mart.
I couldn't find tempera, so I bought acrylic. (Blue, black, green, red, yellow, white, brown)

What are the qualities of acrylic, as opposed to tempera?
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unlike tempera acrylic paint is permanent and mixing it with water defeats the purpose of acrylic, not to mention that they just don't mesh well. also, it doesn't come off your clothes.
but the cool part is you can get some really nice textures with acrylic. once it dries, you can put layers upon layers on top of one another, kind of like painting your walls
Thats cool.
What kind of art do you do?

i guess it depends, i haven't worked with acrylics in so long because i just don't have the money right now heh
but i mostly do pencil sketches, some watercolor

what kind of subject matter do you prefer?
I'm new to painting, somewhat.

I wanna try oil, but I need to learn first in class, otherwise I will have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm pretty satisfied with how acrylics work, I learned how to paint with tempera at school.
i've wanted to try oil for a while, but it's awfully expensive :\
yeam my sisters friend bought a bottle of one color and it was 15.
i use acrylics often. the nice thing about them is that you can layer them on really thick like oil paint, or you can water them down and use them like watercolors. they are plastic-based, so when they dry (which is very quick), they dry to kind of a shiny, plasticky finish which is very diffcult to make changes to. my great- grandmother (also a painter) bought me this stuff that keeps acrylics wet for a little longer. i can't recall what it is called at the moment, but i will look for it in the studio later.
when painting with acrylics, i suggest using a separated tupperware container with a lid. i find it easier to scrape dry paint off the tupperware plastic, and the lid keeps your colors wet for a small period of time. also wet your paints frequently with a spray bottle when painting to keep them moist.
i don't use a lot of tempera. it is very runny.
brianna c
cool, thanks